Oh 2020, what a year you’ve been.

End of year reflections and I don’t honestly know where to even begin.

When 2020 started I thought I was at the top of my game. I was moving forward in my career, I was back in a department that I loved, working with, FOR and alongside people that I respected and genuinely enjoyed seeing every single day. My team was amazing, my superiors and peers were encouraging and supportive and helpful in ways that I never could have imagined. Nothing could stop me or hold me back, things were so damn good.

And then came March. And Covid-19. And layoffs. And terminations. Ultimately I lost half my staff in some way/shape or form but even through the thick of it, WE were ok, WE were getting by, WE were still fighting as a team to get all the work done and out the door that we could, with almost 40% less staff than we started the year with. It was crazy and it was hard, but with my team and my support system, we made shit happen. And I was damn proud to be their leader.

With the boredom that came along with Covid 19, the lockdowns and basically not being able to go anywhere for months I, like millions of other 30+ year old moms downloaded a silly little app called tiktok and began posting random and funny videos to get through the boredom and monotony that had become a staple in all of our lives. I joked about being a daydrinking mom, had some real bad dance moves, cussed a whole lot (not unusual though for me, right? ha) and really just had fun goofing off on that stupid app. No big deal, right?

No, wrong. Really wrong. My tiktok account was reported to executive level superiors at my company because I was wearing a company shirt in some of my videos. Now, keep in mind that I have always wore my work shirts in my social media accounts where I’ve ALWAYS had a large presence but it was never an issue until I was on tiktok. Now all the sudden I’m not good enough or management material because I, like millions of other people across the country downloaded an app for some comic relief but ultimately it cost me what I thought was going to be my lifelong career. Now, I do know who reported me, because they were dumb enough to brag about it the following day. But the level of authority that some of these people held at a company that I had such a high regard for still totally baffles me. I was once the rising star, but in spite of this I was tossed out like trash with not so much as a warning given. And it’s a shame.

Not for me, for them.

Because I know my worth.

Now look, I’m definitely one for owning up to my mistakes. But one thing I will NEVER apologize for is being myself. My silly, goofy, ridiculous self. I know that I am a damn good leader, I was a good employee, a good manager and the love that I STILL feel from so many is a testament to that. But I am sorry, I’m sorry for wearing my company work shirt when I was never told not to wear it off the clock. So there.

So this brings me to September 1, 2020. One day exactly after losing my job. Funny how it happened on the last day of the month.

Anyway, I was so stressed out. Wondering what my next step was, wondering how I was going to get my real estate license that I had been working on since July ASAP even though I knew I wasn’t ready for the test. Yes, I had been somewhat quietly working on this for months because that’s what I do. I’m always trying to do better, be better and become more for my family.

But something crazy happened. My community, my photographer (friend) community, my clients, my family, my friends, they all SHOWED THE FUCK UP and they have helped keep me so busy this season. You literally have kept food on my table because we all know I never got the hot mess that is considered KY Unemployment. And to top it all off this has been THE BEST 4 months of my life y’all.

I have been home every day with my kids, I take them to school, I pick them up, I cook dinner. We have fun, we watch Jeopardy. I’ve been on random lunch dates with my mom and my sister. My stress level is basically at a 3. I’m taking care of myself and my mental health for the first time in….well…..ever. I feel like I’m finally doing what I was meant to be doing, and that is creating joy in other peoples’ lives and I’m looking forward to passing that real estate exam next month so I can continue serving other people and helping them find the homes of their dreams.

I feel like I’m an entirely different person and I have a whole new perspective on life, friends, family and my business. I was ashamed of why I lost my job in the beginning. Do you know how ridiculous it sounds telling someone you lost a job you loved because of social media? It’s embarrassing. But it really shouldn’t be.

Tiktok has helped me and other people around the country/world in a plethora of different ways. I’ve found ways to give back to my community and be a positive influence on the app, so I don’t regret starting my account. And now I’m essentially getting paid for creating content so who knows if I’ll ever permanently delete it.

With this crazy year coming to a close, I most certainly like most, am looking forward to what 2021 is going to bring. I’m looking forward to more time with my family, spending the summer at the pool and zoo with my kids and just having the freedom to make my own schedule. I’m looking forward to new challenges and putting things and people that matter the most first and foremost in my life.

Hopefully when I look back at this blog at the end of 2021, I’m still as happy, if not happier than I am right now. I have so many goals to accomplish next year and I know that I’m going to crush them all.

Thank you to every single person that has reached out to me over the last 4 months and showed me so much love and support during this time where I needed it so much. Thank you to my wonderful photographer friends that have sent work and referrals my way. Thanks to my beautiful clients that come back to me year after year and who refer all your family and friends to me as well. Thanks to my family for never doubting for a second that I wouldn’t come out of this a stronger and better person. And of course thanks to my amazing husband who really has fully enjoyed having me home annoying him for the past 4 months while we both work from home. (I think. ha)

So now that the official word is out, if you’re looking for a house next year….hit your girl up! And don’t worry, I’m still your photographer FOR LIFE!

Peace out 2020. You’ve been real. A real pain in my ass.

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