About Me

I’m Ryan and I have been a photographer and capturer of all memories and moments professionally and in my personal life in Louisville Kentucky for the last 13 years. I love connecting with the people I photograph and giving them something tangible that they will always be able to look back on and cherish. 

If you like tacos, beer, Titos, coffee, cuss words and bad jokes, and hate global pandemics, I might be the photographer for you. I’m honest, a BAMF picture taker, Realtor (Currently have 3 of my wonderful photography clients under contract on homes!!!), Veteran, Mom, and Wife. I love nothing more than making people laugh while I make a fool of myself. I also have a pretty popular TikTok following so if you’re into silliness and want to see if our personalities mesh, find me there! @LittyFittyLou – Ps…I cuss a little.

If I sound like I could be your cup of tea (or shot of tequila), let’s get to know each other. Yeah? 


My Babes….Ben & Charlie

My better half, the zen to my crazy – Mr. Ryan (we’re both named Ryan) we’re weird, it’s fine.
Can’t resist pitching myself here too….ya know….ya girl is a hustler!