Your Investment

This is about investing in your memories…

I am a firm believer that when you are having memories captured it is an investment in your history, sometimes memories can fade but photographs last forever.

Taking posed photos of you looking at the camera is a part of my job, but honestly, it’s the smallest part. I’m not interested in the posey shots, I’m interested in the ones you DON’T see. I’m interested in capturing the moments that you are probably missing. When you look at your collection I want you to cry and laugh and gasp at the things you haven’t seen yet, at the moments you may have missed while you were staring at the love of your life or the children you hold so dear.

I want to catch the tears and the laughs and the touching hands and sly winks.

If you value these types of things like I do, then we will probably be a great fit. If you are looking for the cheapest possible price for photography, I won’t be able to provide you with that service. I have spent over a decade building my experience and skill in this field. I take the utmost care with respect to your memories and your delivered product. When I shoot a wedding I wear 47 hats, including seamstress, planner, organizer, decorator, florist, and hairstylist. I have invested in furthering my education with respect to shooting, posing, editing, and delivering products. My work is truly an investment, and I truly appreciate the clients who value that investment as much as I do.


The Department of Revenue for Kentucky has added photography services to the list of taxable services starting in 2023. This obviously is not something I want to charge for, but legally I have to report this and turn it in to the Department of Revenue. So starting January 1st, all payments will be subject to sales tax (6%).