Baby{L} | Lifestyle Mini Session | 2018

Hiya and HAPPY HALLOWEEN folks! Hopefully most of you in Louisville went Trick or Treating last night as we did because the weather tonight is not looking very spooktacular! Nonetheless, no matter which night you have decided to go, stay safe out there and make sure you check your little’s candy before they eat it! And wear reflective clothing, our neighborhood is SO dark because all the power lines are behind our houses so it is pitch black when walking around, not to mention we just got our neighborhood re-paved so the night with the blacktop… totally get my point here.

Ok, enough of me rambling about Halloween. Last week I had an in home session with the cutest little 3 month old around. He was so smiley and cute and he reminded me so much of my little Ben at that age. Ben may have had a few more chunk rolls on Luke, but Luke was a dream to photograph. He was happy and alert and totally into whatever I was doing. He looked at me crazy a few times because I was this strange lady, in his room, standing on a step ladder and looking at him through this big black box looking thing but even with that, he was so enjoyable to photograph!

Thanks so much Claire for reaching out to me, I really enjoyed Luke’s lifestyle session and I look forward to more sessions with this cutie in the future! 🙂

Enjoy your preview and Happy Halloween! 🙂



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