Lenox & Chapman | 2018 | Farnsley Moremen Landing

Hi ya’ll! Happy Saturday! Today is one of the first weekends that I’ve had a few free hours on a Saturday so I’m about to blow ya’lls mind with the blogs and photos I post! Ha!  –only kidding…but there will be several coming today…starting with this one.

Last Saturday I met up with The Amlung family to take a few photos of their kiddos, Lenox & Chapman. It was a pretty brisk morning and it had been raining up until an hour before hour shoot but it was the perfect setting for some early morning fall photos.

I had a good time chasing these two around and getting some moments taken where they were being SO adorable. Seriously, they could be baby Gap models or something. Good genes runs in this family, I’ve photographed pretty much all the Amlung family this month and it’s been great and their pictures have been gorgeous!

You don’t have to take my word for it….just check out the preview below.

Thanks Brent & Lacey for letting me drag you and the kids out early on a Saturday! I hope you love your images as much as I do!




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