The Hardenberg Family |2018 | Blackacre Nature Preserve

Hiya folks! Happy Sunday! I wanted to get this blog posted before my little one’s birthday celebrations began this afternoon! I cannot believe I have a two year old! Time just goes by too fast!

Anywho- last weekend I met up with Jaclyn, Matt and their two kiddos to enjoy some of this fall weather that we’re finnnnnaaaaalllly getting! The weather and light were SO perfect and I couldn’t not be happier with the images in this gallery! Sometimes for parents it seems so hectic during photo sessions because the kids are acting goofy, running around and being crazy…but that’s just kids and sometimes you just have to roll with it and capture them in their element. Or just put the straight jacket hold on them for the family posed shots lol……

I love photographing families over and over every single year. I love watching the kids grow up and their personalities come through in each session. Thank you so much for continuing to allow me to capture these memories for you guys. It’s always an honor.

Enjoy the preview ya’ll….and have a happy Sunday, I’m off to throw an Oh TWO-Dles party!!

Oh…one more thing…I’m super obsessed with Jaclyn’s color so I have to give a shout out to my girl Jessica White at The Loft At Hubbards. She works magic with hair so if you’re looking for something fresh, give her a shout.


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