Miss Kennedy | 2018 | Newborn Photography

Hiya guys! I’m super excited to share with you some images from my newborn session over the weekend.

As most of you know, I’ve never photographed newborns in a studio setting. I’ve just offered lifestyle sessions and although I’ve done well with those sessions, I’ve really wanted to try to push myself to learn something new. About a month ago I put some feelers out on good ol’ Facebook to see who was expecting soon and offer my services to a few people if they would let me photograph their new bundles of joy so I could get some hands on experience. Luckily for me, and my newfound obsession with newborn photography there are a few ladies that have just had little ones and a few more on the way. 🙂

This past Sunday I got up super early to prepare the studio for my first newborn photoshoot. I was nervous ya’ll! Babies are so tiny and you have to put their safety and comfort first so I was trying to make sure I had everything good and ready to go when Miss Kennedy arrived. When Kelly arrived with her three girls, we got to work! Well, we attempted to….Kennedy wanted to stay awake and play for a little while but eventually she settled into a little nap and I was able to get a few photos of Her Royal Sweetness sleeping.

Now, let me tell ya’ll something. I loved photographing this sweet girl and her sisters. I’ve taken thousands of photographs over the past 10 years but a few of these definitely rank in my top 10. I look forward to posting many more of these sessions in the future!

Now ya’ll go have some babies and let me take photos of them, ya hear?

Thanks a million Shinn Family for letting me photograph your sweet girls. It was an honor! 🙂





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