Garrett & Allison | October 10, 2020

Hello hello!

Back again, wrapping up a gorgeous wedding gallery for two people that I’ve decided have to keep me as their photographer for life because I am completely obsessed with them, their cuteness, their love for each other, their family and their friends. Allison completely reminds me so much of myself (albeit a little younger) that I feel almost like I’ve known her for SO much longer than a month and a half. Yes, they hired me as their wedding photographer in September! ha!

I’m so thankful I reached out to Allison when I found out she was looking for a photographer on 10/10. I’ve had that date booked for almost a year but my sweet couple that was booked decided to postpone their wedding until next May because of Covid so I was out that date. Not to mention I had just lost my job so I was a little stressed because KY unemployment is a joke. But thankfully this sweet couple snatched me up and hopefully gained a photographer for life!

The entire week leading up to the wedding the forecast for 10/10 looked like it was going to be a complete shit show of a rain storm on the day of their outside wedding. Because of course, 2020, amiright? I was prepared with ziplock bags, boots and some umbrellas but something amazing happened y’all. It didn’t rain. The ceremony was moved into tents but about an hour before the wedding Allison made the call to have everything moved back outside because she knew exactly what she wanted and was sure that the rain wasn’t going to happen. And she was right.

The ceremony was beautiful, it sprinkled just enough for good luck and we didn’t see rain the rest of the day and the evening ended with a gorgeous sunset. We may not have had that golden hour sun, but we made the most of the rain free skies. Their guests spent time mingling inside and outside the tents, kids ran around and played and Allison and her crew TORE UP THE DANCE FLOOR. Y’all, these folks danced all night. Sweaty, fun, loud and an all around good ass time. That’s my kind of environment! Also why I say they’re stuck with me for life. 😉

2020 has definitely not been anyone’s friend. But I’m thankful that I still have my health, my family, my friends and my business. Year after year I meet so many new families, many of whom continue to come back to me year after year. It’s such a blessing. And this industry, although the Louisville Photographer market is saturated, man, have we got some awesome and beautiful and talented women/men that support each other. Community over Competition will always win y’all. Thanks for keeping me employed and living my dream and CONGRATS again Allison & Garrett!



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