The Edds Family | Party of 4 | Blackacre Nature Preserve

Good morning! Happy hump day my friends! Hopefully everyone is having a great start to the week, we’re over halfway through guys, we’ve got this! 🙂

I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m seriously looking forward to these cooler temps moving in tomorrow night. Bring it on Mother Nature, I’m over this 90 degree October weather. I need some sweater weather in my life STAT!

Ok, enough of my complaining. There’s more exciting things to talk about, for instance this latest session where Kendall, Cody and Carson announced that they’re going to be adding another little human to their already adorable family! That’s right, Kendall is expecting and due next year and they are over the moon excited! Carson just turned one so Kendall and Cody are going to have all kinds of fun when the baby arrives. I’m sure Carson is going to be the sweetest big brother. He was a cutie at our shoot Sunday and man oh man does this kid have some gorgeous eyes….and don’t even get me started on those dimples. To Die For!

Here’s a preview of our session Sunday so you can see what I’m rambling on about. Have a great day friends! 🙂


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