Ashlee, Mike & Ashton | 2018 | Blackacre Nature Preserve

Hi ya guys! Me again, let me tell ya’ll something. I purchased a new Macbook Pro 2 weeks ago and I’m able to work SO much faster than I was able to on my iMac that was 10 years old. I literally used to spend hours editing a session because my computer was just bogged down with junk, old photos, Limeware bugs from when that was cool (yeah, I told you, it was an old iMac) and all that junk. But now….NOW I can wiz through sessions quickly (unless it’s a wedding) and get you photos faster than ever. I’d say it was a pretty good investment on my part.

So yeah, there I go rambling again…..

Sunday I met up with my bestie and her family over at Blackacre for a quick mini session (yes, I’m still doing those) and we wandered around the grounds and captured some much needed pictures of her and her sweet family. Ashton was a trip and gave me some pretty goofy grins that had me cracking up and Ashlee and Mike were just the cutest couple. I know that when I’m smiling when editing a session, it was definitely a good session. Luckily for me, it happens often.

Ok, enough of me…’s a few photos of my girl and her crew.

Also, if any of you are in the market for a realtor….check Ashlee out! 🙂  HERE!


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