Gavin is ONE | The Haysley Family | Blackacre Nature Preserve

Guess what! Back again, I’ve really been on a blogging role lately and I’m knocking these sessions out because I know I have got a ton of GREAT clients that LOVE having their galleries sent to them! 🙂

Next up is some of my favorite people, I know, I know. I say that about everyone, can’t help it. My peoples are awesome. Anywho, this is the Haysley Family and they’ve been featured on this blog way more than once! Gavin is about to turn one so we had a fun cake smash session and incorporated some family photos in with them and I personally think they turned out great.

Gavin may not have been much of a fan of cake or sitting in the grass but he was a fan of making silly faces, trying to eat the grass and being extra cute. His parents aren’t so bad either I guess. 😉 Love you Jeremy and Michelle!

Well, enough of my rambling, check out the Haysley Fam!

Also, cake as always was done by the talented Tiffany Gray at Tiffany’s Sweets & Treats

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