The Bailey Family | 2019 | Louisville KY Photography

Hello, me again!

This next session on the good ol’ blog is the Bailey Family. Cliff and Jodi just became new parents to the cutest little guy and as soon as I heard the news, I couldn’t wait to photograph him and his sweet parents.

Little “L” was born weighing just over 4lbs and was a premie but if you look at the photos, you can tell he is thriving and currently living his best life! When Jodi first messaged me that her and Cliff were adopting after years of trying for a child, I was absolutely thrilled for them. We were discussing photo shoots and plans for when he returned home but the next thing I knew, they were flying to AZ because this little guy just couldn’t wait to meet his parents so he came SUPER early!

I had a last minute session open up last Sunday and I posted it on the good ol’ FB and when Jodi and Cliff snatched it up, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Not only did I get to see them after a couple years of not seeing them, I also got to meet their son and he is such a handsome little dude. I can already tell he’s going to be full of personality just like his parents.

Congrats Jodi and Cliff. I look forward to watching this little guy grow over the years. You’re both such great parents. Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

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