Miss Willow | 2019 | Louisville KY Photographer

Mornin’ y’all. I’m feeling a little under the weather this morning so I wanted to send off this adorable blog and gallery before I head into work this morning.

I’m telling you what, this has been the absolute worst sickness season I’ve seen. I haven’t been very sick, just a sore throat and some random aches and pains here and there but almost everyone I know has been touched by illness over the last few months and it sucks!

Thank goodness Spring starts today huh?! 😉 Pesky groundhog was full of crap on that prediction…..

But anyway….

Check out some of the sweetness from my session with Willow over the weekend. It really has me ready for some warm weather, flowers and sunshine.

Thanks a million for letting me be the one to photograph your sweet girl! I love our sessions together!


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