A Personal Project {365} 2019

Back in 2014, yes, that long ago, I embarked on a photography challenge with a group of photographers that completely changed the way I photographed things, people, places and things that interest me. It also allowed me to grow as a photographer, take on new and exciting sessions and meet a ton of new people.

Throughout the course of 2014 I took a photograph a day every single day for 288 consecutive days. I was SO determined to make it to 365 days but life, a new job, the hustle and bustle of an almost 2 year old and a million excuses later, I never finished.

This year I knew I wanted to start another 365 project. Not just because it’s my down season in my photography life (not really now that I have a studio) but because I wanted to do more, photograph more, capture those silly moments with my kids and more so get in the frame with them, something I’m terrible about doing unless it’s a random selfie posted to Instagram.

I’ve been inspired by SO many photographers lately, I follow so many talented men and women online, and they constantly wow me with their work and I want to have a personal collection to be able to show to Charlie and Ben one day so I decided to start this for all of us.

I’m going to blog these photos, as I did last time on my old website, but it may not be weekly. Sometimes it will just be a collection of photos for the week/weeks….and sometimes it may be a post like this, with more words than you care to read.

So with ALL that being said….here is days 1 through 23. 342 more to go…….

Photo of me taken by the talented Lottie Greer.https://www.instagram.com/lottiegreer/

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