Alison & Travis | December 1, 2018 | Louisville Wedding Photographer

Good Sunday morning! I’ve been up for a while now because my tiny tornado decided to wake up at 5 and watch Scary Flying Shark all morning. If you don’t know about Scary Flying Shark, you’re one of the lucky ones! The bright side of me being up early on a Sunday, you get an early morning post of Alison & Travis’s wedding ceremony last weekend!

Alison & Travis were intimately married December 1, 2018 at Louisville Marriott East. The ceremony was small, private, unplugged and had a warm holiday feel to it all. Alison is the real rockstar here, she planned this wedding in less than 2 months and everything went off flawlessly. Alison & Travis threw tradition out the window and instead of dances, garters and all those “traditional” wedding events, they spent the reception mingling and spending time with each other and their guests which I thought was so sweet.

So what you really came here for is a preview of their day….so here it is. Congrats Alison & Travis on your wedding. I wish you nothing but happiness and hope to continue being your photographer for all your sweet family moments. 🙂

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