Mila Ann | 2018 | Louisville KY Newborn Photography

Hi there ya’ll. Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a great day, I am although I’m currently having external hard drive issues that is preventing me from getting work done and galleries sent! Ugh!

Luckily for me I uploaded these images last night to my blogging site so you’ll at least get to see a sneak peek of little Miss Mila Ann even though her mommy and daddy won’t be getting their gallery for a few days. Sorry Amelia & Nick!! I guess I’m just glad these can be recovered and they aren’t lost forever, because that would break my heart!

So, about this sweet little lady. Miss Mila is two weeks new and the third little girl born into the Worthington family. Mila was born on Veterans Day and she was given our mamaw’s name, Ann, as her middle name so of course when we heard that we all shed a tear. Our mamaw (Aunt Ann to Amelia) was the matriarch of our family, the giver and lover of all things and if she were here today and she had seen this gorgeous little dark haired beauty, ya’ll, she would have just been over the moon with joy.

This perfect little brunette looks just like her momma and her little blonde haired sisters are so in love. 

Welcome to the family Mila, you are so very loved. 

Wrapped in our Mamaw’s scarf 🙂 

Goodnight all!


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