Baby {C} | The Marrillia Family | 2018

Good morning, first and foremost Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Veterans, service members and brothers and sisters out there. I’m honored to be a Veteran and incredibly thankful to all those that have served and are serving today. Thank you for your service and thank you for standing the watch while we remain free in this great country. Love you all!

Now, get ready for a daily Sunday does of super cuteness! Most of you know that I’ve just recently started photographing newborns. Honestly, photographing tiny babies is terrifying but I’ve enjoyed every session I’ve had since I started photographing them. Last week I got to meet Miss Callie and her family and they were so sweet and their two girls are gorgeous! Don’t believe me? Check out the sweet preview below!

Thanks so much Rebecca and Casey for letting me take photographs of your sweet girls. I hope you enjoy these!


All the best…



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