Lennon & Landry| 2018 | Farnsley Moremen Landing

Hiya everyone and happy Saturday. It’s so so so unbearably hot outside today, we’ve already been to the pool so now we’re all hiding out in the basement enjoying the cool a/c before my next sessions this evening.
Earlier in the week I got to meet up with Lennon, Landry and their momma to capture some smiles from these two cuties. We got there just as the sky was turning a good shade of dark blue and grey as a thunderstorm was brewing. We had a photoshoot in record time and captured some awesome images with the wind blowing through all of our hair.
By the time we finished up in the gazebo, the rain was pouring and we got out of there as fast as we could.
Hope you all enjoy this little sneak peek of these two gorgeous children.

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