Wedding Investment

Every wedding is different and every couple deserves a customized photography service that fits their budget and needs. Below are the two packages that I offer. But that’s not to say I can’t customize something that fits your day a little better. Let’s chat and see if I’m a good fit for you and can help make your day perfect.

Why choose me? Because I’ve been doing this a long time and I know what helps make a wedding day run smoothly to ensure you have the best time and get the best photographs of your day! My 6-7 hour package is by far the best investment for brides and grooms that want all the things captured! My second shooter spends the first part of the time with the groomsmen and gets their photos while I’m with the bride, and I typically come in right around the time the bride is finishing up getting ready, and then we “stage” final touches. This ensures I’m capturing all the details before the first look/ceremony. I work closely with the DJ/wedding planner so all major events are covered in the reception before I depart in the evening. Staged exits are always great for sparklers because that way you have a large group still around, so don’t wait until the last minute for your “photo” exit, we’ll do this typically around dark if we’re using sparklers.

If you want to add additional time to my full-day package, that’s definitely an option, however, I firmly believe you will not be disappointed with the number of photos and details you receive in your gallery. You can only take SO many photos of the same people on the dance floor y’all! 😉 Like I said, I’ve been doing this A LONG time. 🙂

I photograph all my sessions/weddings in true-to-life color so you will never have to worry about your photos going out of style. I’m not a “trendy” photographer. I’m the photographer you want around for the long haul because you know my style and editing is timeless and you’ll have photographs that look good for years to come.

I’m also a fully insured and LEGAL photographer that pays taxes and is a legitimate business.

I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Before I leave the house after getting all my things together I’m texting you, your MOH your mom, or anyone I know to make sure you don’t need coffee, hairspray, safety pins, tequila, titos, or anything at all that I can grab on my way. Whatever you need, I GOT YOU GIRL!!! (Or guy!! )


Erik & Julie – May 2022

Kendall & Austin – May 2022

Emily & Joe