Hello 2021, I’ve been waiting for you.

Friends! Family! People! Welcome to the new year! I, like most, am SO glad that 2020 is finally behind me. 2020 was filled with so many hardships for so many people that I know and love, including my own family. But alas, we’re leaving all of that behind and starting fresh this new year.

I’ve decided to try and start blogging more. As I start a new career and keep my photography business flowing, I want to be able to reach out on this platform to keep you updated on all the things and happenings going on with either my photography business, my life and my future real estate career. I’m kicking off 2021 by taking my real estate exam this week.

I’ve been taking classes since last July but really buckled down after my Christmas minis to study and prepare for the exam. I passed my proctored exam on Wednesday so now I’m officially ready to take the test and become a licensed agent!! The test is really hard but I finally feel like I’m ready and I’m SO excited to get this part of my life going. I honestly wish I had thought of this sooner. When I told my husband last summer I was thinking about getting my license he was like OMG YES, you would be a perfect fit for that!! Turns out he’s not the only one that thinks that! Ha!

I guess my relatable, honest, sarcastic and goofy personality may not quite be “management material” to some, but it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in other industries. And I’m looking forward to working with and for people that appreciate me for who I am, what I bring to the table and people that know my worth. I’m so excited.

Next up on my list of things, I’m starting a sober January commitment. I’m not normally a heavy drinker or anything like that but I do love my moscow mules, beer and wine and over the holidays I feel like I probably indulged a little too much in booze and treats so it’s time to scale back and refocus on my health. I went for almost 2 months through October and November when I was super busy with photography but of course birthday month and the holidays came up and I broke my trend. So now we’re back at it, with friends! I posted to my instagram yesterday to see if anyone wanted to jump on board for sober January and a ton of people were in! We’re in it together, ha, please….no daddy Andy references. Thanks.

Another fun tidbit. Some of you know that I LOVE thrift shopping and I’m always on the hunt for deals and steals. Well enough people have asked me about it that I’ve started my own Instagram page to resell gently used and awesome thrift store finds! You can check it out at Thrifted.in.KY. I plan on adding more items often!

So there ya have it folks the start to my 2021 in a nutshell. Fingers crossed that the next time you hear from me I will have passed my test and I will be on my way to sell some houses and make some people happy!

Talk soon!



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